Navy Canteens Topping up the Fleet

The new canteen at HMAS Albatross was opened in August 2016.

If you have been into a canteen on a Navy base on the east or west coast, you will have been in a Navy Canteens site. However, Navy Canteens is so much more than just canteens.

Navy Canteens is the trading name of the Royal Australian Navy Central Canteens Board and has been delivering back to Navy since 1954. A not for profit for taxation purposes it falls under the PGPA Act 2013 and is a Corporate Commonwealth Entity. Navy Canteens forms part of the Navy family with operations overseen by a Board of seven Naval Officers including the Chairperson CDRE Michael Miko.

Comprising a diverse portfolio of businesses, Navy Canteens improves the welfare and recreational benefits available to serving Navy members. The Enterprise incorporates shore canteens (except HMA Ships Harman and Moreton); three holiday centres (BIG4 Bungalow Park on Burrill Lake in NSW, Amblin Holiday Park in WA and Forster Holiday Village in NSW) as well as a serviced apartment (Pandanus Pocket at Tweed Heads in NSW); Navy Canteens Ticketing; the Win with Navy raffle, SALT merchandise and a gift shop at the Fleet Air Arm Museum (FAAM).

A key role of Navy Canteens is to make regular contributions to the RANRTF, Navy Sports Council, grants and to shore establishments drawn from profits generated across the enterprise.

The decision to transition RAN shore canteens to Navy Canteens was the result of a review into the Navy Service canteens system conducted in 2011. In October 2012 CN Griggs directed the transfer of the management responsibility for RAN shore canteens to Navy Canteens.

In October 2012 the canteen take back commenced. The canteen group began to evolve and in January 2014 the creation of the current Sydney and Darwin hubs occurred under agreement with Delaware North Companies, a global food and beverage group. When Navy Canteens took back direct control of Sydney and Darwin hubs in January 2015, one of the major suppliers to Delaware North Companies was Coca-Cola Amatil. Navy Canteens had been so small previously in supply terms that Coca-Cola Amatil had no knowledge of the existence of Navy Canteens. That soon changed when Navy Canteens took on Coca-Cola Amatil products (including Grinders Coffee) nationally.

In a short space of time Navy Canteens went from being unknown by Coca-Cola Amatil to being the 8th highest sales volume customer in its category. Navy Canteens bucked the trend of many other retailers who were experiencing declining or plateauing sales. Navy Canteens continues to experience growth in both cold and hot beverages. This growth has benefitted Navy directly.

Navy Canteens has negotiated an arrangement with Coca-Cola Amatil for the supply of their products at competitive prices which can be leveraged by the Fleet. The Navy Canteens Fleet Coke Price offer is designed to provide a better price than anybody in Navy can achieve themselves. This arrangement is already in use by some fleet units including HMAS Canberra, HMAS Adelaide and HMAS Choules. A list of the Coca-Cola Amatil products available and respective pricing can be located on the Fleet intranet and on the Navy Canteens website.

Benefits highlighted by users include customer service, consistent and predictable pricing as well as delivery times. Additionally, Coca-Cola Amatil has provided vending machines to ships within the Fleet as part of this arrangement.

Navy Canteens also supplies canteen goods including snacks, sweets, toiletries and convenience items to a number of ships in the Fleet including HMAS Canberra, HMAS Adelaide, HMAS Choules, HMAS Toowoomba, HMAS Success, HMAS Darwin, and NUSHIP Hobart. These services also offer beneficial savings to Navy as well as one supply point and a single invoice for orders across multiple product lines. In addition to providing a valuable service, profits from Navy Canteens are returned to Navy so it is a true win:win.

To start receiving the benefits of both the Fleet Coca-Cola Amatil or supply of canteen goods, contact the Navy Canteens National Operations Manager, Jerry Lissing on 0420 302 791 or email

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