Continuing to support Navy members

Navy Canteens offers a range of benefits and services to Navy including a grants program to benefit ships, sport and welfare activities within the Navy community.

Last financial year Navy Canteens received 73 applications and granted $60,825 in grants and loans to benefit Navy members.

All applications are reviewed by the Grants Committee which consists of Lieutenant Commander Heidi Rossendell and Warrant Officer Steve Downey, with the recent addition of Captain Guy Blackburn to the committee.

HMAS Waterhen was among the recipients to receive a grant with a request to purchase TVs for the Junior Sailor Mess as well as the Senior Sailor Mess. WO Tim Badger highlighted in the application that there are very few opportunities to raise money for the Ships Welfare Fund and the grant would enable the pixilated TVs to be replaced.

HMAS Farncomb also received a grant for new appliances for the Submarine Mess start up. ABML-SSM Micheal Calleja said ‘a grant from Navy Canteens has helped to promote the wellbeing of all members within the crew by providing them with new appliances along with funds that can be utilised for canteen gear and events’.

HMAS Moreton was re-commissioned in May with over 200 guests including the Chief of Navy attending the Commissioning Ball in Brisbane. Navy Canteens was able to support the re-commissioning by providing a loan to secure the venue for the ball. The re-commissioning of HMAS Moreton raised the profile of the Navy in the Brisbane community as well as engaged past Navy members.

The Board of Navy Canteens welcomes applications in order to continue supporting activities that benefit serving Navy members. The criteria to consider when applying for a grant is outlined on the Navy Canteens website. To apply for a grant visit

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