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Sport is defined as an activity that involves physical exertion and skill that is governed by a set of rules or customs in a structured, competitive environment.  Team Sport is defined as a group activity where a number of players contribute to the result of a match or game.

ADF encourages and supports all ADF members to be actively involved in sport. ADF members are are provided with th opportunity to participate in a range of sporting opportunities at different levels that cater for all levels of sporting ability.

  • Fit to Fight – weekly sport organised by Fleet Sports & Recreation Officer and the PTIs.
  • Local Level SportLocal level sport is sport played at the base, unit or ship level.
  • ADF Sport – The ADF Sports Council (ADFSC) has principal stewardship of the highest tier, as representational ADF Sport. ADFSC is the approving authority for ADF-approved Sport Associations which consist of tri-service teams of combined Navy, ARMY & RAAF. ADF Approved Associations are responsible for providing sport at ADF representational level both nationally and Internationally.
  • Single Service Sport (Navy) – Navy Sports Council is the approving authority for Navy single-service Associations who are responsible for providing team-focused sporting opportunities to Navy members, at grass roots level. These events are focused on competing at Inter-service events and ADF-organised National Competitions.

Navy Canteens has a long association with the Navy Sports Council in providing an annual grant for distribution to Sport Associations to support their annual scheduled program of sporting events at grass roots level.

Any member of Navy can apply to the Navy Sports Council to establish an approved single service sports Association. All enquiries should be directed to the Navy Sports Council at or the Navy Sports Council Business Manager on 02 9359 3257.

Further information is also available on the Defence Restricted Network (DRN).

The Navy Sports Council has received the following grants from Navy Canteens.

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