Excellence in Customer Service Award – Bronwyn Dzirins

Bronwyn Dzirins, Creswell Canteen Supervisor.

The very first Navy Canteens “Excellence in Customer Service” medallion has been presented to Bronwyn Dzirins, Canteen Supervisor at the Creswell Canteen, HMAS Creswell, Jervis Bay.

Bronwyn’s commitment to customer service and professionalism is highly regarded. The spikes in canteen traffic resulting from large groups particularly during conferences, large courses and events definitely present challenges. Bronwyn is efficient and polite regardless of how many customers are waiting to order a coffee, hot lunch or merchandise from the canteen.

The positive attitude and efforts of Bronwyn to go above and beyond were recognised by one of our customers which was the catalyst of this award. The satisfied customer said “consistent with Bronwyn’s professional approach, she serves everyone in a timely manner, accommodates requests as best she can and goes above and beyond to keep her customers satisfied. This is particularly impressive when she is by herself”.

Commencing at the Albatross Canteen in 2008 (prior to Navy Canteens’ take over of the operation in 2012) Bronwyn has been serving Navy members for almost a decade. Bronwyn was appointed the Canteen Supervisor at the Creswell Canteen in 2014.

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