The Royal Australian Navy Central Canteens Board (RANCCB) is a Statutory Authority with body corporate status and perpetual successions.

The Chief of Navy expects the board to generate profit from commercial undertakings in order to return that profit to serving Navy personnel though distributions of funds, grants and services.

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Operations are overseen by a Board of seven Directors appointed by the Chief of Navy by means of a delegation from the Minister under the provisions of the Navy (Canteens) Regulations 1954.

Board of Directors

  • CDRE Simon Ottaviano RAN – Chair
  • CAPT John Metzl, RAN
  • CMDR Cassandra Ryan, RAN
  • CMDR Cathy Rice, RAN
  • CMDR Nicole Mann, RAN
  • CMDR Caderyn Okely, RAN
  • WO Tony Nicol, RAN

The business is headed by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) assisted by a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), National Managers and administrative staff. Core affairs of the organisation are managed from Campbell Park Offices in Canberra ACT.

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Executives Average reportable salary for the Executive during the following reporting period is outlined below.

Financial PeriodExecutivesAverage Reportable SalaryAverage Contributed SuperannuationAverage AllowancesAverage Bonus PaidAverage Total Remuneration








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