$50,000 Grant for Outpipes Pavilion at HMAS Coonawarra

The official opening of the Outpipes Pavilion at HMAS Coonawarra.

HMAS Coonawarra celebrated the opening of the recently constructed Outpipes Pavilion with a barbecue in the new area on Thursday 23 March 2017. The Outpipes Pavilion was officially opened by Fleet Commander Rear Admiral Stuart Mayer.

The Outpipes Pavilion, commonly known as the Hay Shed was a HMAS Coonawarra Ship’s Welfare Committee project to provide all of HMAS Coonawarra with a space that protects them from the harsh tropical conditions in Darwin.

Navy Canteens Board Director WO Stephen Downey commented that “HMAS Coonawarra previously couldn’t host a BBQ at the waterfront location in the middle of the day as average temperatures range from 24 to 32 degrees year round”.

The extensive $120,000 project which has transformed the precinct was a significant piece of building works. The Pavilion was funded by the HMAS Coonawarra ships welfare fund with the assistance of a $50,000 grant from Navy Canteens.

The Canteen precinct is being further enhanced with the re-purposing of Building D33 (adjacent to the Outpipes Kiosk). ‘The Hut’ as it will be known is being renovated to become a fresh food outlet with salads, juices, smoothies and fresh sandwiches. The Outpipes Kiosk will remain serving hot food but the creation of The Hut allows for a much wider range to increase the current food and beverage offering.

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