50 Win with Navy winners shared $187,000 in prizes over 26 draws in 2016.

Win with Navy is a fortnightly raffle for Navy members with a minimum $5,000 cash prize drawn every payday.

The Win with Navy raffle supports Navy members through disbursements and grants to ships, the RAN Relief Trust Fund and Navy Sports Council.

Tickets are $2 each with a bonus ticket in the draw when you spend $10.

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Will Christmas Come Early For You?

$33,000 Total Prize Pool

You could be a lucky winner with 14 prizes to be won this Christmas!

Draw 211 entries close 7 December and prizes drawn 14 December 2017.

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1st Prize2nd Prize3rd Prize11 Prizes of





Congratulations to the Winners that celebrated with a win in the $24,000 Prize Pool!

Draw 204 (7 September 2017)

1st Prize ($5,000): Leading Seaman Ian Gollop, HMAS Albatross
2nd Prize ($3,000): Able Seaman Desmond Hilton, HMAS Toowoomba
3rd Prize ($2,000): Able Seaman, HMAS Choules
4th Prize ($1,000): Seaman, Mitchell Abbott, HMAS Harman
5th Prize ($1,000): Leading Seaman Jenna Shiel, HMAS Moreton

Draw 205 (21 September 2017)

1st Prize ($5,000): CMDR Nigel Trump, HMAS Harman
2nd Prize ($3,000): Leading Seaman Matthew Jacques, HMAS Cairns
3rd Prize ($2,000): Able Seaman, HMAS Warramunga
4th Prize ($1,000): Captain, HQ JOC
5th Prize ($1,000): Able Seaman Jakeb Morrison, HMAS Watson

Congratulations to the Double Draw Raffle winners!

Draw 199 (29 June 2017)

First Prize $5,000 – WO Richard Synnott, HMAS Harman
Second Prize: $2,000 – WO, HMAS Adelaide
Third Prize $1,000 – CPO Greg Nathan, HMAS Albatross

Draw 200 (13 July 2017)

1st Prize ($5,000): CPO John Balazic, HMAS Albatross
2nd Prize ($2,000): Petty Officer, HMAS Stirling
3rd Prize ($1,000): LCDR Steve Langlands, HMAS Harman

Congratulations to all the Easter Raffle winners!

Draw 194 (20 April 2017)

1st Prize ($5,000): Lieutenant Commander Paul Williams, HMAS Kuttabul
2nd Prize ($2,000): Petty Officer Daniel Brown, HMAS Ballarat
3rd Prize ($1,000): Warrant Officer, HMAS Albatross
4th Prize ($1,000): Chief Petty Officer, HMAS Kuttabul
5th Prize ($1,000): Petty Officer, HMAS Stirling
6th Prize ($1,000): Chief Petty Officer David Clarke, HMAS Kuttabul
7th Prize ($1,000): Able Seaman, HMAS Melbourne

One winner was lucky enough to have signed up just in time for the Easter draw and another received their second win after being in the raffle for a number of years.

Congratulations to all the Christmas Raffle winners!

Draw 185 (15 December 2016)

1st Prize ($15,000): Bob Barb, Lieutenant Commander, HMAS Harman
2nd Prize ($5,000): Martin O’Malley, Lieutenant Commander, RAAF Williams
3rd Prize ($1,000): Frank Genai, Seaman, HMAS Cerberus
4th Prize ($1,000): Leading Seaman, HMAS Cerberus
5th Prize ($1,000): Tammielee Hunter, Lieutenant, HMAS Adelaide
6th Prize ($1,000): Able Seaman, HMAS Stirling
7th Prize ($1,000): Alyce Allman, Able Seaman, HMAS Albatross
8th Prize ($1,000): Allison Norris, Commodore, HQ JOC
9th Prize ($1,000): Lieutenant, HMAS Kuttabul
10th Prize ($1,000): Kristie Mullaney, Leading Seaman, HMAS Albatross
11th Prize ($1,000): Stephen Miller, Lieutenant Commander, HMAS Sheean
12th Prize ($1,000): Tanya Coathup, Seaman, HMAS Stirling

With $5,000 to be won every pay day, the next winner could be you!

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