Salt Merchandise

SALT offers Navy branded clothing, uniform, accessories, memorabilia, gifts and promotional products with hundreds of items to choose from.

SALT merchandise is available by visiting, Navy Canteens on Navy Bases, Canberra Showroom and the Fleet Air Arm Museum.

SALT Shop is owned and operated by Navy Canteens for the benefit of members of the Royal Australian Navy. Undertakings from SALT go directly to supporting serving Navy members though the distribution of funds and grants programs. Therefore every purchase you make contributes to the work of Navy Canteens and supporting the Navy family.

SALT offers a wide selection of quality Navy branded products specific to ships and establishments.

All Royal Australian Navy branded products have been authorised for production by Navy.

Customised Orders

The SALT range can be further tailored to your specific ship, establishment, club or association by branding your own customised order.

SALT can assist you with product selection and design as well as work with you through to the delivery of your order.

For more information call 02 6123 2929 or email

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