Excellence in Customer Service Award – Martin Hieber

A Navy Canteens “Excellence in Customer Service” medallion has been awarded to Martin Hieber, Navy Canteens Executive Chef for the Canteen Group.

The catalyst for the award was a letter received from Commodore Smallhorn who was astonished at the level of artisanship Martin displayed at the Fleet Air Arm leadership group dinner on 6 March 2017. The officers praised the presentation and the flavours at the dinner and the professionalism shown by Martin and the team created the perfect atmosphere for the evening.

Martin’s culinary skills and experience as a chef has raised the bar for Navy Canteens. Since Martin joined the team, Navy Canteens has catered for a range of functions from morning teas to leadership dinners as well as major events including the launch of the new Lamborghini at the Fleet Air Arm Museum last year.

Function and catering packages can be tailored to suit meetings and events on Navy bases as well as cater for functions at any location.

To book a function or catering package call 0477 477 857 or email functions@navycanteens.com.au

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